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Summer gale - and how we moor!

The first (and hopefully the last) threw itself at us a few days ago. The consequences were great for SHBF - and also for some boat who experienced that the ships went into the wharf. 4 damaged outriggers were result. Wear and tear over time is probably the main reason, but how we our boats is also a contributing factor. That is why we have some illustrations that show how we can best moor. Both to the boats while at the same time reducing the wear and tear on the facility. them out - and adjust your moorings so that both boat and jetty have a journey at the next gale. This is particularly important for those of you who have boats over 2 tonnes that are exposed to the weather. We hope that this will be so that we do not have to come up with orders and demands for mooring. It is particularly important that you use fasteners on wooden beams/beams to minimize the loads on the outriggers.

During the coming week, an external company will carry out a review of facility in the outer harbor in order to improve/repair/prevent further damage to facility. First of all, we replace liners and weld any on the outriggers.

Otherwise, it should be mentioned that we struggle a bit with the barrier into SHBF car park. We have made a fox exit behind the red transformer arch if the boom does not go up when you use cards/chips.

Still have a good summer!

The board of SHBF

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